At F:unkT Awards we are celebrating products that have evolved out of reflective design processes and enrich human life in vivid ways.

Theme : K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple. Sure?)


A common belief is that simplicity is the core of a good design. But, have you ever wondered that simplicity can be detrimental too?


Can’t be true? Why not read our brief?

Jury Members

1. The awards are open to students and professionals of all disciplines, including interaction design.


2. To invite inclusive participation there are no fees for student level entries, and a nominal fee for professional participation.


3. Student level include individuals enrolled in a full time Bachelor’s/

Undergraduate, Master’s/Undergraduate and Ph.D programmes worldwide.


4. All work submitted shall be original, and participant shall have all the rights of the submitted content.


5. Eligible age limit for participating is 18years (minimum) and 40years (maximum).


6. Students participating in the contest will require to produce a certificate

of bonafide from their universities as a proof of enrollment in an academic

programme, during the date of submission.


7. The awards are open to all nationalities around the world.


8. Idea / Concept, Under development level projects as well as built / developed projects are eligible.


9. Professionals can submit their previous student level works (modified/

unmodified), but these projects will be evaluated under professional category.


10. Team/Individual participation is permitted.

The detailed requirements of the entries are as follows:


1. Registration.


2. A minimum of 10 Jpeg images and/or 3minute video with information about your project where you describe your project.


The images has to be composed in a web presentation format, where it explains a small aspect of project per image. Avoid use of a lot of text, and put your textual ideas/concepts/descriptions in Q&A sections. The submission requirements do not have an upper limit on image count, but ensure that you use only necessary amount of pictures.


The video does not need to be of production quality, but it is advised to cover the basic ideas listed below clearly. A very simplistic narration and lucid working principles ideas / concepts explained verbally or through certain static visuals can be a good starting point.


The presentation must  speak about the following aspects:


The user it is addressed to, Issues / Ideas / Opportunities the design is addressing / What was the project’s design process? / What is the result of the design product.



3. Description of the project.


A 200 word description of the project where you explain your design textually.


4. A cover picture.


Size - 1920 x 1080 this will be used for thumb nailing and as a project coverfor your web presentation. So make sure this image is one of your best ones.



5. Process sketches – Clips – Decisions – Stages – Iterations


This is the most essential part of the project where you get to explain all between the lines ideas through abstract sketches, or logics devised for a particular interaction to work, or maybe as simple as information structuring. No part of the process is boring if it has lead to problems to be solved differently. These process level ideas not only gives our jury a clear picture about your efforts, has the ability to inspire other viewers as well (If you display your project publicly).


We are aware of the fact that explaining processes can be a challenge considering constraints and may consume significant attention span on the project page hence we would advise to make this part as concise as possible. Process is important, but challenge here is to filter and craft the information to make it relevant to the audience.



There are primarily 3 categories for judging for F:unKT awards

i.e. Students, Professionals and People’s choice.

There are three big titles in the lined up for F:unkT Awards ‘18 this year. All the award winners and shortlisted participants will get featured in F:unkT Awards 18’ Yearbook. The three awards, are as follows:

Jury Category(Stu & Pro): The prestigious student and professional category winners shall be selected by our jury panel out of the pool of eligible received submissions. This will be dependent upon set basic criteria of judging mentioned in the brief, however as there is a huge variation between type/scale/context/idea/user/application of received entries the judging criteria may be re-organised from entry to entry for ensuring a fair jury process for all. 20 shortlisted student projects and 20 shortlisted professional projects shall be made, out of which 1 winner in each category.


F:unkt Choice: This is the most coveted award in the lineup, where the winner is chosen by the participants and designers all around the globe via voting. Break a conversation, explore new designs, answer queries on your project, and build an audience for your own design. This category has no jury input and will solely be driven by how engaging your entry is in F:unkt Awards. 10 shortlisted entries shall be selected from this category.


For projects where confidentiality is a concern, we want to clarify participation in this category is optional. Entrants aiming to participate only in jury category will not be opened for public voting.


Perks: The following are the perks for the winners and shortlisted participants in the F:unkT awards 18’.

*Conditions apply. Please refer Terms and Conditions for detailed fineprint.



F:unkt Bind: The F:unkT bind is a compilation of all the best works received under various events under F:unkT awards in a biannual book. All shortlisted participants and winners will receive this publication with their entries featured in it.


F:unkt Meet: The F:unkT meet is a biannual event to celebrate the best of interaction design, and bringing the best design minds globally, for talks - workshops - collaborations.

The competition is divided into three stages, mainly submission, voting, and MEETion/awards. The detailed aspects of the schedule can be found in the PDF brief. Timeline of the competition is as follows.

Have any awards related queries, mail us at:


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